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Musee et Site Archeologiques Nice-Cemenelum Museum, Nice

Roman excavations and artefacts

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This museum moved to its current location in 1989 though it has been open since 1960. It houses a variety of objects, from ancient times to the Middle Ages, including the Roman town of Cemenelum.

It houses a collection of artefacts dating from pre-historic times through until the Middle Ages relating to the lives of the Cemenelum and the province. They were found in different archaeological digs made from 1950 to 1969.

It also contains a number of archaeological sites, including the town of Cemenelum with its streets, amphitheatre, three complete baths, a school, a house and shops. Cemenelum was the capital of the Alpes Maritimae region in Roman times, after the conquest of Augustus. Most of the ruins belong to the 3rd century AD, but there are vestiges from the 1st century AD to the 7th century AD.

Visitor comments

  • "We are not great fans of ancient ruins but as part of the 10 euro 2 day museum pass this was well worth a visit after the Matisse Museum. English leaflet available to explain the baths and a bit of social history. Artefacts indoors plus a model of what the site would have looked like in its day." - Trip Advisor
  • "The Musee Archeologique de Nice-Cimiez is next to the Musee Matisse and close to the Monastere de Cimiez. If you are visiting either or both of these latter attractions, you can get a look at some Roman ruins without taking time to tour the museum (and without paying an admission fee). The walkway leading to the Musee Matisse offers a vantage point for viewing and photographing some interesting ruins. Of course, a full tour of the museum is what you’ll want if this sample isn’t enough." - Trip Advisor
  • "The exhibits in this museum were very well set out, and the material was really interesting. I especially liked the small display of "modern" versions of "ancient" artefacts (e.g. a water bottle beside a Roman vessel). The archaeological park - Roman baths - was very nice. Too bad the walkway around the back half of the site was in disrepair." - Trip Advisor

When to come

Open every day from 10:00 to 189:00, except Tuesdays and some bank holidays.

How to get passes

Tickets cost 10€ and grant access to this museum and the Archaeology Museums of Terra Amata and the Natural History Museum for 48 hours, among other municipal museums. The Matisse Museum, which is nearby, is also included in the pass, so it is a good idea to do both on the same day.


Map of the surrounding area