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Best Local Produce from Nice

Discover the top Nice local produce


The wonderful Mediterranean climates makes this area the perfect place to grow things such as olives and lemons. Both of which are heavily incorporated into local dishes.

Being on the Mediterranean coast, seafood is obviously a big part of the local diet with many typical dishes based on fish or crustaceans, with sardines and anchovies being particularly popular. French cheeses and wines are of course staple throughout the country and this part of the south coast is no different with wonderful local rose wine and goats cheese making the perfect aperitif.

Official label to guarantee authentic regional produce

Appellation d'Origine Controlee (AOC)

Baby fish that form a transparent, jelly-like pulp that shines silver

La Poutine - the fry of anchovies & sardines

A traditional local confectionery made with almonds & honey


Held in great esteem, to the ancient Greeks, the olive tree was a gift from the gods

Olives of Nice

Aniseed based drink produced in the south of Provence

Pastis - The Spirit of Provence

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