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Free shuttle in Port de Nice

The 'Lou Passagin' is back in action for summer 2016
Featured in: News & Reviews ยท Pam Williamson, Nice Editor | Published


Since 2012 tourists in Nice have been able to relive the tradition of 'Passagin'; a boat that originally provided the link between the West Bank and the eastern shore in the Port de Nice.

In 2015, a record 56,185 passengers were recorded from May to October, proving the attraction to be a successful and popular attraction. The Alpes-Maritimes have once again decided to provide this free service, both historic, practical and popular with tourists, for the entire summer.

The original service was provided up until the 1960s and was driven by a retired fisherman. In 2015 the boat was altered to meet the requirements for sustainable development. the boat is now equipped with two submerged electric motors and solar panels. It can be re-charged at the dock and unlike its diesel counterpart it does not pollute or make noise. Creating a calm and quiet trip for passengers.

This free shuttle is available for four months over the summer, daily from 10:00 to 19:00.