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Tourte de Blettes

Swiss chard tart - the chard being the main ingredient!

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This sweet French tart originates in Nice and is made with Swiss chard (blettes)...not sounding entirely 'sweet' just yet is it?

So with the main ingredient being chard, an early morning trip to the market is in order if you wish to make this dish yourself. Be ware it can be tricky to get and you will probably need more than you think! The pastry is olive oil-based and forms the base and top crust. The filling is made with chard, pine nuts and parmesan and is seasoned with cinnamon. Still not sounding entirely like a sweet tart yet is it...?

But just think about sweet potato pie, pumpkin pie and carrot cake!

Sometimes you will find that the tart comes with a layer of apple on top, under the pie crust, and this can definitely make it more appetising for the uninitiated. Whatever your thoughts, it is worth a try and a true speciality of the Nice area.

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