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Salade Nicoise

A delicious famous salad from the Côte d'Azur region of France

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Of course, this popular salad comes from Nice, hence the Nicoise, and is not only a speciality of the region, but has become a popular salad the world over.

Salad leaves (although these can be optional in this hearty 'salad') are topped with tomatoes, quartered hard boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, canned tuna fish, locally grown Cailletier olives and finally anchovies. A classic vinaigrette is used to dress the salad.

As with most meals in Nice, a trip to the market in the morning is a must. Fresh produce is key to this fresh summer meal, not only filled with taste but colour as well. Traditionally Salade Nicoise should be made of only raw vegetables in order to fully enjoy the quality and freshness of the local prodcuce.

Unfortunately this salad has become a victim of its success.This traditional Mediterranean salad now comes in many different forms and its 'true' ingredients are often debated. Some cooks simply serve raw vegetables on a bed of lettuce whilst others say that tomatoes are the base and potatoes are unsuitable!

All we can suggest is that you try it yourself in one of the wonderful restaurants throughout Nice.

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